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Robben Island survey of weaver colonies

2010-10-29 (83)

On 28 October 2010 Robben Island was surveyed for weaver colonies. A total of 19 Cape Weaver colonies were found. Colony size varied from 2 to 54 nests, with an average of 15. The peak breeding season has passed and some of the colonies appeared deserted. Few nests were low enough to reach without ladders; of the nests that could be checked one contained 2 small chicks and another had 2 eggs. In some high nests chicks were heard calling. The colonies were all in exotic trees, mostly Eucalyptus, but also in Manatoka or Pinus. The records were submitted to PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests) - all weaver PHOWN records on Robben may be viewed here. A mammal, reptile and two butterfly records were also added to the ADU Virtual Museums.

The survey was conducted by Dieter Oschadleus and Victoria Odell by driving and walking around the island for most of the day. The total number of nests was 294 which is an increase to counts obtained in September and October 2003 (130 and 181 nests respectively, Oschadleus 2003). This suggests that the weaver population may have increased slightly over the last 7 years. Read more about Robben Island on the ADU web and Robben Island web.

Reference: Oschadleus HD, 2003. Cape Weaver population on Robben Island. Bird Numbers 12(2):27-30