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Nesting in Asian weavers

2018-09-28 (825)

The 5 Asian weavers weave their nests as other true weavers do, and the male does most of the building, and females line the nests. Asian weavers may use mud and flowers in their nests, and various theories have been proposed to explain this - the most likely reason is that the male uses mud to attach flowers to the nest. Some differences in the nesting of the 5 species are listed in the table below.

Factor Asian Golden W Baya W Bengal W Finn's W Streaked W
Pair bond Monogamous Polygnous Polygnous Polygnous Monogamous
Colonial Small Colonial Single, small Colonial Colonial
Nest site Reeds in swamps Trees, esp palm
& acacia
Reeds, some trees Trees, reeds Reeds, trees
Nest tunnel no long long no short
Attachment supported pendant supported supported supported
Mud used no rarely often rarely rarely

phown 5189
Baya Weaver colony - note pendant
(hanging) nests, with long
entrance tubes
phown 1255
Asian Golden Weaver colony - note supported
nests, no long entrance tubes