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Top SAFRING ringing sites over 70 years

2018-08-15 (823)

This quick summary shows the top degree-minute grids for each major region (South African province, main African countries with data) in the SAFRING database. No checking has been done, so there are likely to be some errors. Also, some ringing localities may cover two grids, but this query is strictly totals by grid (rather than by locality). These numbers depend very much on where ringers have ringed a lot over the decades.

Table 1 shows the grid with the most number of species ringed in that grid (per region).

Species Grid Region Locality
207 2633S2536E NW Barberspan
192 1616S3455E mw Nchalo sugar estate
182 2949S3033E KZ Tala bush
147 2535S2820E GP Nokeng Buffelsdrift
140 2438S2840E NP Nylsvlei NR
135 0952N0858E ng Amurum
132 2504S2923E MP Leeuwlaagte; Groblersdal
127 1802S2051E na Shamvura
126 1736S3055E zw Muruwati farm, Mazoe distr
120 2112S2732E bw Botshabelo
115 1501S2808E zm Huntleys Farm, Chisamba
103 3318S2630E EC Grahamstown Rhodes, Bot
97 3404S1830E WC Rondevlei
88 2704S2707E FS Lisbon
84 3002S2403E NC Dwaalhoek farm

Table 2 shows the total number of birds ringed per grid for each region.

Ringed Grid Region Locality
72533 2633S2536E NW Barberspan
48247 3350S2617E EC Seal Point
31293 3303S1755E WC Malgas Island, Saldanha
30962 2543S2810E GP Skinner Spruit, Pretoria
25229 2935S3026E KZ Darvill Sewage Works
20944 2234S1706E na Klein Windhoek
13223 1501S2808E zm Huntleys Farm, Chisamba
13210 2907S2610E FS Universitas, Bloemfontein
11449 2012S2343E bw Boteti River, SE of Maun
10675 1616S3455E mw Nchalo sugar estate
5926 2845S2446E NC McGregor Museum Gardens
5824 1950S2815E zw Nyamandhlovu
4458 2720S3008E MP Wakkerstroom
4210 2508S2810E NP Wolfhuiskraal, Boskamp
3559 0952N0858E ng Amurum

Barberspan is the top site for number of species and number of birds ringed. This is due to high ringing effort in the 1960s in ringing waterbirds, combined with the effort of ringing in recent years using mistnets as well as walk-in traps for waders and waterbirds. Several regions have the same site as top grid for species and totals ringed.

SAFRING celebrates its 70th anniversary this month, the first birds to be ringed were some Cape Vultures ringed in August 1948. Read a short history of bird ringing in southern Africa at the Biodiversity and Development Institute web site.

First ringing session (1948)

Barberspan workshop (2011)

SAFRING ringing totals by year