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Weaver Wednesday: More weaver longevities

2018-03-21 (818)

To see the greatest elasped times for southern African weavers, see here.

CC64467, at first recapture (2005-07-02)

Spectacled Weaver

The longevity of this species has increased by 2 months, from 12y 5m (ring BB38355) to 12y 7m (ring CC64467). Interestingly, both records are from Darvill, Pietermaritzburg, where a relatively high number of Spectacled Weavers have been ringed.

The new record is a male, while the previous one was a female. The male had been recaptured 9 times, and was still alive on 2017-10-25, and could thus be recaptured again.

Fan-tailed Widowbird

The previous longevity record for this species was ring BD20152 at 9y 6m, but the correct longevity was overlooked for some time.

The correct longevity record for this widowbird is 14y 10m 14d (ring F51655). It is a male ringed at Darvill, and recaptured there 3 times, the last time being on 2009-05-16.