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Golden-naped Weaver sightings

2016-07-04 (729)

The Golden-naped Weaver is one of the least known weavers. This species has been recorded in Ituri Forest, DRC, and Semliki NP, Uganda. A list of all published sightings is listed below (previously compiled at here).

Locality Status Date Person Reference
Mawambi, DRC type specimens NMW 4583 - 85 1910 Rudolf Grauer Sassi 1920, Wilson et al. 2007
Campi ya Wambutti, Ituri forest, DRC specimen NRM 601271; also seen 11 June 1921 Gyldenstolpe Gyldenstolpe 1924, Wilson et al. 2007
8km N of new post of Beni, DRC 2 specimens; party of 20-25 seen c5 October 1926 Chapin Chapin 1954
Forest nr Udembo, 48km from Irumu on Rd to Beni, DRC specimens AMNH 26478 - 80 30 September 1926 Chapin Chapin 1954, Wilson et al. 2007
Epulu, DRC seen: flock of 60 1986 MC Catsis Butchart 2007
Ituri Forest, DRC seen: flock of 22, other sightings 1986 J & T Hart, D Lawson Anon. 1986
Epulu, DRC seen: pair with young 1994 M Languy Butchart 2007
Okapi Faunal Reserve, DRC seen     Stephenson & Newby 1997
Semliki NP, Kirumia trail, 1st oxbow lake, Uganda seen: 2, range extended 80km 1 August 2006 Wilson Malcolm Wilson et al. 2007
Semliki NP, Kirumia trail, 1st oxbow lake, Uganda seen 16 June 2009 Herbert Byaruhanga Africanbirding
Golden-naped Weaver
Golden-naped Weaver (centre),
figure by Gyldenstolpe (1924)

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