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20000 PHOtos of Weaver Nests !

2016-06-05 (722)

Mosaic of PHOWN records (there are more in southern Asia)

Late last night Pieter Cronje uploaded PHOWN record 20000. Pieter has uploaded over 9000 records, ie. nearly half of the records.

The first PHOWN record was uploaded by Les Underhill in mid July 2010, less than 6 years ago. This is an average of 9 records uploaded every day. (There are also an additional 577 non-photographic records in the PHOWN database).

The records are courtesy of 375 citizen scientists. A list of all contributors appears here. Every single record has contributed to this milestone.

76% of the 117 weaver species have a photographic record in the Virtual Museum, and 16 species have over 100 records. Many records have a colony size, providing new information. A list of species with number of PHOWN records appears here.

Thanks to all contributors for this incredible effort!