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Photograph the rarest weavers

2010-05-27 (64)

The World's Rarest project began in 2010 - the year proclaimed by The United Nations as the International Year of Biodiversity. The aim is to highlight the plight of the most threatened species on Earth and to raise funds for their conservation. The World's Rarest project will focus initially on birds and contribute to BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions Programme. The project starts with the launch of an exciting photo competition, which will provide the images for a new book entitled The World's Rarest Birds.

The weavers you can photos of are 7 Endangered species: Bates's Weaver Ploceus batesi, Clarke's Weaver Ploceus golandi, Golden-naped Weaver Ploceus aureonucha, Usambara Weaver Ploceus nicolli, Gola Malimbe Malimbus ballmanni, Ibadan Malimbe Malimbus ibadanensis, and Mauritius Fody Foudia rubra. There is one weaver in the Data Deficient category: Lake Lufira Weaver Ploceus ruweti.

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