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Weaver Wednesday [139] - Discovery [22]: Crested Malimbe

2015-02-11 (621)

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Crested Malimbe Malimbus malimbicus

Crested Malimbe
Crested Malimbe, male & female,
figure from Daudin 1802
Crested Malimbe
Crested Malimbe, male,
figure from Vieillot 1805
Crested Malimbe map
Crested Malimbe
distribution, type locality circled


The Crested Malimbe was formally described by Francois Marie Daudin, a young French zoologist. Daudin described a male and female, and included an illustration with the description. The birds had been collected by Jean Perrein, a French naturalist, who travelled in Africa and on other continents. Daudin included brief notes on the nest and eggs of this malimbe, based on the field notes of Perrein. The birds were noted in fig trees near Malimbe.

Malimbe, now called Malembo, is located in Cabinda, Angola. The Crested Malimbe is the first malimbe species to be described, and the genus comes from the town name Malimbe.

Perrein sent his specimens to Academy of Sciences in Bordeaux, France.

The first colour illustrations were provided by Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot, a French ornithologist, who illustrated a male and female. Vieillot provided a different scientific name, but probably saw the same specimens.

Scientific citation

Tanagra malimbica Daudin 1802 Ann. Mus. Paris, I, p.151, pl. 10, fig. 1 Malimbe [Portuguese Congo]

Meaning of names

malimbica After the town of Malimbe, Portuguese Congo (Cabinda), Angola.

Alternate names

(Congo) Crested Weaver, Gold Coast Crested Weaver, Malimbic Tanager, Upper Guinea Crested Malimbe.


Jean Perrein.

Date collected

Before 1802.

Locality collected

Malimbe =Malembo, Cabinda, Angola.

Type specimens

Type specimen not traced (it may be in Bordeaux); the illustration of Daudin 1802 serves as a type.