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Robben Island survey of weaver colonies, 2014

2014-11-09 (592)

phown 13982
Cape Weaver,
colony on Robben Island
On 8 November 2014 much of Robben Island was surveyed for weaver colonies. A total of 13 Cape Weaver colonies were found. Colony size varied from 1 to 73 nests, with an average of 21. The total number of nests was 274, compared to 294 in October 2010. Breeding generally ends in November in the Cape Weaver in the Western Cape and most of the colonies appeared deserted. Two colonies had chicks that were heard calling. The colonies were all in exotic trees, mostly Eucalyptus. The records were submitted to PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests) - all weaver PHOWN records on Robben may be viewed here.

There was a dead chick impaled on a thorn in a bush below an old breeding nest in 0ne colony.

1 or 2 small colonies were not found, so the number of nests may have been very similar to that of 4 years ago. See survey of 2010 here.