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Volunteer field assistant needed - Sociable weavers project

2014-02-10 (482)

We are looking for a volunteer available asap to help us to collect data in the field...

The field assistant will have to monitor the end of the breeding season (nest checking, blood sampling, chicks morphometric, ringing...) as well as collecting behavioural observation to determine breeding group size (sociable weavers are cooperative breeders) and individual investment in nestling provisioning.

The job takes part in Benfontein Nature Reserve, not far out from Kimberley. There is a nice field station to accommodate researchers. This is a good opportunity to spend long days out in the veld, handling chicks and learn how to collect morphometrics.

All costs will be covered (transport, accommodation and food) by the project.

For more information on the project, please visit our webpage.

Let me know if you are interested and do not hesitate to diffuse within your network!

Margaux Rat, margaux.rat [at] gmail.com

Additional info

A field assistant is needed for 1 month to join the sociable weaver project at Benfontein Game Reserve near Kimberley, starting 18 Feb. The project investigates cooperative breeding behaviour in this species and the work consists of monitoring reproduction, weighing and marking eggs and chicks and conducting behavioural observations to identify the adults attending the nests (all adults are colour ringed). We cover all expenses (travel to the site, food and accomodation) and may provide a small stipend for additional costs. Previous experience with this type of work is a plus, but not a requisite. The assistant will work with another assistant who has experience on the project and will be in charge of the fieldwork until the end of the breeding season. For more information consult the website below. If interested please contact Rita Covas at rita.covas [at] gmail.com