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Indian Mynas and weavers

2013-12-13 (461)

phown 5835

Indian Mynas are known to associate with human habitation, but their adaptability seems to be leading them to breed in weaver nests away from urban areas.

There is a PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests) record of Indian Mynas trying to take over a White-browed Sparrow-Weaver nest - see photo and details by Tony Archer here.

Banie Penzhorn recorded Indian Mynas taking nest material to Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver nest in a tree in Sunset Dam near Lower Sabie, to try and nest inside a chamber (Laniarius 121:42, 2012). Lesser Masked Weavers build their nests on the buffalo weaver nests. This well known colony has several PHOWN records (eg PHOWN 7090), although the observers did not notice the mynas.

A request to the Sabirdnet listserver yesterday resulted in the following replies:

  • Casper Rootman wrote: "I was at Lower Sabie during the past week and spent a fair amount of time at Sunset Dam. The observations are correct - the Lesser Masked and Red-billed Buffalo-weaver are actively nesting in the dead trees on the dam. The Mynas are also actively nesting in the RBBW nests in the tree nearest to the road. In the many observations I could only see a single pair of Common Myna's there."
  • Digby Cyrus wrote: "I saw the same thing happen in Madikwe GR in 2010 where the Mynahs took over a Buffalo Weaver nest."
If you have any records of mynas, or other species, taking over weaver nests, please take a photo and submit the record to PHOWN!