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Southern Masked Weaver - near daily 'blog'

2013-11-22 (451)

Sarel Venter recently heard about PHOWN and has been monitoring the Southern Masked Weaver colony in his garden for the last 3 weeks. He has submitted a PHOWN record nearly daily, documenting the goings-on in his colony. On 26/10/2013 the male completed a second nest. Amazingly, the male weaver has maintained his colony at 2 nests. One nest was occupied by a female whoc incubated the eggs and yesterday a juvenile was seen outside the nest.

See the first record here and scroll to the bottom to see a summary table followed by thumb-nails of each record for this colony.

If you have a weaver colony near you, start submitting PHOWN records and learn more about the fascinating breeding habits of weavers!