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Weavers and waterbirds, Jan 2010

2010-01-22 (43)

Catching weavers results in also catching other birds, and in wetland areas that may mean waterbirds! See photos of the waterbirds here. From January there is frequent ringing in order to recapture chicks ringed last year. The first 3 weeks of January have yielded 152 birds, of which 64 were weavers. Of these 4 were juvenile weavers that had been ringed as chicks near the site of recapture. One juvenile was a Southern Red Bishop, and the other 3 were Southern Masked Weaver chicks. The latter were all from the same nest and were caught with an adult female - they were seen flying into the net at the same time, indicating that the juveniles (3 weeks old) were still dependent on their mother.