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Experienced ringers needed for sociable weaver project near Kimberley

2009-04-24 (4)

Help from experienced ringers is required for an ongoing study on Sociable Weavers at Benfontein Game Farm, outside Kimberley. The study, which is being undertaken by researchers at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, was initiated by Mark Anderson in 1993. Since then the weavers have been regularly captured and their breeding activity has also been monitored for most years since 1998. This year we will be mist-netting the weavers from several study colonies at Benfontein before the breeding season starts. The mist-netting work will be concentrated on two weeks between 20 August and 5 September. Before dawn we put up mist-nets around the colonies and catch the birds just before sunrise. The colonies vary in size, but some colonies have > 40 resident birds, requiring experienced hands to get them all out quickly. We would therefore be most grateful for the help of experienced ringers. We will provide food and accommodation at Benfontein and may be able to cover travel expenses as well.