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Western Cape ringing social, 21 Nov 2009

2009-11-23 (34)

On Saturday 11 ringers and trainees gathered from 5am at Intaka Island, Cape Town, to ring birds. Attendees were Margaret McCall, Lee Silks, Phoebe Barnard, Jo Johnson, Eric Barnes, Cassy Sheasby, Carol Milan, Damian & Calvin Gibbs, Dieter & Tandy Oschadleus. A total of 192 birds were caught, not counting same-day recaptures, of 19 species. The top 3 species caught were Cape White-eye (49), Southern Red Bishop (47), and European Starling (25, mostly juveniles!). Some photos may be viewed here.
In addition to a wonderful ringing event that was enjoyed by all, the ringing helped a project on natal dispersal. Eight juveniles were recaptured that had been ringed as chicks. These were one Cape Reed (Lesser Swamp) Warbler, one Southern Masked Weaver and 6 Southern Red Bishops. All these juveniles had been ringed at Intaka 2 weeks to 2 months previously. 192 chicks have been ringed at Intaka so far (11 Cape Reed Warbler, 18 Cape Weaver, 57 Southern Masked Weaver, 106 Southern Red Bishop) and it is expected that some of these will be recaptured away from Intaka in the months to come.
Thanks to Alan Liebenberg for allowing the ringing event to be held at Intaka.