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Movements of weaver chicks

2009-10-02 (25)

During August and September 2009 over 200 weaver chicks were ringed in an on-going project to ring chicks and later recapture as many of them as possible to determine their natal dispersal. Three Southern Red Bishop chicks were ringed at Intaka Island (Century City) on 04/09/2009 about a week prior to them fledging. One of these fledglings was killed by a cat in a nearby garden on 30/09/2009, about 1km from the nest site. It was reported by Sally Terry who had earlier noticed that the fledgling was still being fed by an adult Southern Red Bishop.
One Southern Masked Weaver chick was ringed at the Kenilworth Race Course on 23/08/2009 when it was close to fledging. It was recaptured a little over a month later on 02/10/2009 in a small roost in a patch of reeds 1/2km from the nest.

These are the first 2 records of movements of chicks ringed in 2009. Many more chicks will be ringed and mist-netting sessions in 2010 will attempt to recapture surviving birds.
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