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Most southerly Sociable Weaver colony

2011-05-03 (108)

The most southerly Sociable Weaver colony known was recorded by Richard Brooke 21 years ago while atlasing for SABAP1. In a trip to the Williston area, Northern Cape, Barry and Sue Schultz and I found this very colony. It was no longer active but a Sociable Weaver nest mass was found a few hundred metres closer to the farm house. This nest mass was active, with adults feeding chicks. A few days later we returned and ringed 71 adults and 74 juveniles at this colony. Not all birds were caught, and the colony consisted of an estimated 200 birds. 60 nest chambers were counted (VM 748). Unfortunately several birds were dead, hanging from threads that they had built into the nest. This was found subsequently at other colonies as well - no ringing has taken place here previously (SAFRING database) and the birds were caught mostly on their toes. The Williston area was searched for other colonies, and farmers were interviewed. Colonies on sheds were found, but none further south. Read more here.