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Yellow-crowned Bishop Euplectes afer

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Vm 49351

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Yellow areas show distribution of the species (based mainly on Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 15 - only a few are available so far

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Vm 49351

Vm 49096

Vm 49042

Vm 49006

Vm 48355

Vm 48157

Vm 47707

Vm 47561

Vm 47143

Vm 47038

Vm 45732

Vm 44298

Vm 42676

Vm 37065

Vm 36131

Vm 35091

Vm 34532

Vm 34463

List of all Birdpix records for this species

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1379, South Africa, farm Saaifontein, Dewetsdorp, De Swardt D.H.
2151, South Africa, Standerton, van Rensburg JC
3644, Botswana, Zarafa - Linyanti area, S. shore of Lake Zibadianja, Kennedy David
5556, South Africa, Along Vaal river near Parys, Archer A.M.
6030, South Africa, Zaagkuilsdrift road, Nyenes Mike
6519, Botswana, Mashatu Game Reserve, Solomon D
6744, South Africa, Bainsvlei, Steenkamp Rudolph Christiaan
9290, South Africa, Rietvlei Dam, Young Joan
9552, South Africa, Pilansburg National Park, Young Joan
12487, South Africa, Garsfontein rd opposite Mooikloof Heights, Cronje Pieter
12488, South Africa, Garsfontein rd opposite Mooikloof Heights, Cronje Pieter
13052, South Africa, Korsman Conservancy, Westdene, Van Goethem Werner Marc
13353, South Africa, Veepos, Kaalspriut stream in floodplain, Bloemfontein, De Swardt Dawie
15816, South Africa, R42 close to Endicott, Steen L.
15931, South Africa, Pentad 2615_2835, Endicott, North-west of Devon, Steen L.
15938, South Africa, Pentad 2615_2840, Noorth-west of Devon, Steen L.
15950, South Africa, Pentad 2620_2840, west of Devon, Steen L.
17001, South Africa, Garsfontein rd, Cronje Pieter
22532, South Africa, On the road following the Hlatikulu stream, Robinson DM
23581, South Africa, Marievale Bird Sanctuary, Steen L.
24294, South Africa, Vaal dam, from boat, Oschadleus HD
24848, South Africa, Rietvlei Nature Reserve, Solomon D
25014, South Africa, Southern T-junction of D1 with P125, Robinson DM
25219, South Africa, Vlaklaagte district, Badenhorst Helen
26844, South Africa, Koppieskraal, du Plessis D
27405, South Africa, Marievale Bird Sanctuary, McCutcheon Ian
27460, South Africa, Kgomo-Kgomo Bridge, McCutcheon Ian
27466, South Africa, Kgomo-Kgomo Floodplain, McCutcheon Ian
27518, South Africa, Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve - Eendracht Road, McCutcheon Ian
32612, South Africa, Hlatikulu rd, Kleiman PR
32844, Malawi, Riverside property being developed LILONGWE, Brown Gary
32935, South Africa, Nesshurst, Harrismith, De Swardt Dawie
33480, South Africa, Nylsvlei, Darling Gregg; Des Darling
33569, South Africa, Nylstroom NR, Darling Desire ; Gregg Darling
33878, South Africa, farm Vogelfontein; district Nylstroom, Heymans JA (Joseph)
34210, South Africa, Crane fndtn rd, Kleiman PR
34463, South Africa, Rural Devon just off N17, Steen L.
34532, South Africa, North east, Kleiman PR
35091, South Africa, Cypherfontein grasveld, De Swardt Dawie
36131, South Africa, Lichtenburg District, Steen L.
37065, South Africa, Vlei & NW corner, Oschadleus HD
42676, South Africa, 2550_2725, Anthony Paton
44298, South Africa, 2615_2810, Anthony Paton
45732, South Africa, Villiers district, Steen L.
47038, South Africa, Antonistad, Archer A.M.
47143, South Africa, Nolans Volens, du Plessis D
47561, South Africa, Leandra District, Steen L.
47707, South Africa, Florida, Steen L.
48157, South Africa, Middelrus rd, Kleiman PR
48355, South Africa, 2910_2945, Kleiman PR
49006, South Africa, Geestveld AH, Cronje Pieter
49042, South Africa, Grassland Farm, Meyer C
49096, South Africa, Skeerpoort Plaas, Swart Elba
49351, South Africa, 2915_2955, Kleiman PR

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