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Southern Brown-throated Weaver Ploceus xanthopterus

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Vm 73157

No of records in Birdpix for this species: 20


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Yellow areas show distribution of the species (based mainly on Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 15 - only a few are available so far

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Vm 73157

Vm 71586

Vm 69397

Vm 58951

Vm 58410

Vm 35786

Vm 34026

Vm 32962

Vm 32395

Vm 23716

Vm 14957

Vm 12677

Vm 12089

Vm 11871

Vm 11039

Vm 9521

Vm 9441

Vm 7826

List of all Birdpix records for this species

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2161, South Africa, St Lucia, van Rensburg JC
5777, South Africa, Kruger Park, Kennedy D.
7826, Zimbabwe, Imbabala Zambezi River Lodge, Solomon D
9441, South Africa, At boat launch area prior to entering St Lucia town, Cox JH & KC John & Kim
9521, Malawi, Farm Garden, Brown Gary
11039, Namibia, Island View Lodge, Booysen M.
11871, Mozambique, Panda, Booysen M.
12089, South Africa, Hluhluwe River Floodplain, Tippett Ryan Matthew
12677, South Africa, Tembe Elephant Park, Tippett Ryan Matthew
14957, Botswana, Drotsky's cabins, Kleiman PR
23716, South Africa, Sappi Stanger, Johnson Laurie; Observer: Dave Rimmer
32395, Malawi, Mvuu Camp, Liwonde National Park, Huchzermeyer C; Ben Pellegrini
32962, South Africa, Lake Mzingazi N R, Johnstone Richard Alan
34026, Mozambique, Bridge north, Kleiman PR
35786, South Africa, Bonamanzi, hippo pool, Oschadleus HD
58410, South Africa, SAPPI Mbozambo wetlands on the outskirts of Stanger (KwaDukuza), Rimmer Dave
58951, South Africa, St Lucia - Igwalagwala trail and Estuary areas, Rimmer Dave
69397, South Africa, Bridge over the estuary, entering St Lucia, Robinson DM
71586, South Africa, Near bridge over river, St Lucia, KZN, Nuttall R; Toby Esplin
73157, South Africa, Lake Mzingazi N R, Johnstone R

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