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Holub's Golden Weaver Ploceus xanthops

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Vm 89275

No of records in Birdpix for this species: 83


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Yellow areas show distribution of the species (based mainly on Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 15 - only a few are available so far

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Vm 89275

Vm 89034

Vm 88845

Vm 88779

Vm 88219

Vm 88210

Vm 87296

Vm 87024

Vm 84822

Vm 84304

Vm 84042

Vm 83304

Vm 82941

Vm 82940

Vm 82939

Vm 82751

Vm 82247

Vm 82246

List of all Birdpix records for this species

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674, Botswana, Thamakalane River, Kennedy David
686, Botswana, Thamakalane River, Kennedy David
1187, South Africa, Farm Alicedale Tshipise Limpopo, Wilkinson J H
2516, South Africa, St Lucia village, Kennedy David
3193, South Africa, White River, Zaloumis, Alex
4122, Botswana, Duma Tau Concession, Linyanti, Kennedy David
4445, Kenya, Masai Mara National Reserve, White Aron
4757, Botswana, Sedia Hotel, Maun, White Aron
5368, South Africa, Bayhill Drive, White River, Zaloumis, Alex
6694, South Africa, below sports club, White River Country Estate, Zaloumis, Alex
7296, D R Congo, kashobwe road to Mukobe, de Cauwer R
9106, Angola, Open flied next to Angola National Police College, Cronje Pieter
11038, Namibia, Island View Lodge, Booysen M.
12394, South Africa, Mkhuze Game Reserve, Tippett Ryan Matthew
12858, Malawi, Cape Maclear, private cottage on the beach surrounded by protected forest and hills, Brown Gary
13857, Namibia, Shamvura Camp, Darling Desire ; Gregg Darling
14891, South Africa, Ndumo Game Reserve, Ndumu Game Reserve, Fons Langenkamp
15191, South Africa, Millstream, Kennedy D.
15462, Namibia, Kunene Island camp, Kleiman PR
15559, Malawi, Forest grassland, Brown Gary
15729, Malawi, Farm Garden, Brown Gary
17930, Zambia, Kasanka National Park Pontoon, Solomon D
18236, Malawi, grass wetland, Brown Gary
18664, Malawi, Forest grassland, Brown Gary
21129, Malawi, Forest grassland, Brown Gary
22123, South Africa, Alverstone Park Nature Reserve, Rimmer D
23977, Malawi, Farm Garden, Brown Gary
28066, Kenya, Windy lane, de Beer Len ; Sonja de Beer
28068, Kenya, Windy lane, de Beer Len ; Sonja de Beer
30152, Malawi, Area 47/5 , McCracken Santie
30525, Botswana, Boro 1, Myburgh G
32286, Malawi, Garden, Brown Gary
34011, Zimbabwe, Hillside Dam, Johnstone Richard Alan
35523, Angola, Jamba farm, Oschadleus HD
35534, Botswana, Okavango, Eagle Island Lodge, Cronje Pieter
36234, South Africa, Hermannsburg, NTE, Hulme Ilse
36864, South Africa, Private Farm & Nature Reserve, Jackson Mike
38255, Malawi, Garden, Brown Gary
40601, Botswana, Maun Airport, Wilson George
41052, South Africa, 2300_3005, Anthony Paton
41171, South Africa, 2330_3120, Anthony Paton
45165, Malawi, Garden, Brown Gary
46356, Kenya, Kaserani Sportsview hotel, Cronje Pieter
50030, Botswana, Duba Plains Camp, Tippett RM
52867, Botswana, Selinda Camp, Botswana, Tippett RM
55081, Zambia, Namwi Island Camp on outskirts of Katima Mulilo town, Fincham J.E.
56853, Kenya, UN Gigiri, Cronje Pieter
56882, Kenya, UN Headoffice Gigiri Nairobi, Cronje Pieter
57684, Zambia, Chongwe, Barrett Norman
57692, Zambia, Chongwe, Barrett Norman
58232, Kenya, Kurura Forest, Cronje Pieter
59626, South Africa, Tanglewood private nature reserve, between Kloof Country Club and Westmead industrial area, Rimmer Dave
60762, Kenya, UN Recreation Centre Gigiri, Cronje Pieter
61800, Zambia, Chongwe, Barrett Norman
62855, Kenya, Gigiri UNON , Cronje Pieter
62865, Kenya, Gigiri UNON , Cronje Pieter
63089, Zambia, Chamba Valley, Barrett Norman; Rajagopalan Padmanabhan
63192, Zambia, Palabana Dam, Barrett Norman; Rajagopalan Padmanabhan
63699, Zimbabwe, Larmenier retirement village, Fincham J.E.
63881, Zambia, Northmead, Tembo Brian
64006, Kenya, DCI Training School, Cronje Pieter
65086, Kenya, Gigiri UNON, Cronje Pieter
65842, Kenya, Village mall, Gigiri, Cronje Pieter
67933, Botswana, Wilderness Mombo, Okavango Delta, Kennedy D.; Photos courtesy of Tina Kennedy
79443, Botswana, Tsanakona, Myburgh G
82246, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
82247, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
82751, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
82939, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
82940, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
82941, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
83304, Zambia, Chongwe, Barrett Norman
84042, Zambia, Chembe Bird Sanctuary, Meyer Chris (CJ)
84304, Zambia, Chongwe, Barrett Norman
84822, Zambia, Home in Ndola, Meyer Chris (CJ)
87024, South Africa, Umkhuze, Jordaan J
87296, Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park, Kennedy D.; Photos courtesy of Graham Kennedy
88210, Botswana, Drotsky's Cabins, Kyle Finn
88219, Botswana, Old Bridge Backpackers, Kyle Finn
88779, South Africa, iPhithi Nature Reserve, Aiston G.
88845, Namibia, Shankara rest camp, Houlden Michael
89034, Zambia, Silverest, S of Palabana dam, Barrett Norman
89275, South Africa, Springside Nature Reserve, Aiston G.

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