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Spectacled Weaver Ploceus ocularis

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Vm 36639

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Yellow areas show distribution of the species (based mainly on Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 15 - only a few are available so far

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Vm 36639

Vm 36233

Vm 36232

Vm 36049

Vm 35208

Vm 34912

Vm 33268

Vm 31492

Vm 30735

Vm 30479

Vm 30215

Vm 29624

Vm 29449

Vm 28550

Vm 28278

Vm 25645

Vm 25132

Vm 24471

List of all Birdpix records for this species

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2079, South Africa, Golwe Camp, Vhuri-vhuri, van Rensburg JC
4921, South Africa, Airpark, Darling Gregg; Des Darling
5082, South Africa, St Francis Field, Darling Desire ; Gregg Darling
6312, South Africa, Plot 50 Tweefontein, Labuschagne AP
7461, D R Congo, kafubu river lodge / farm, de Cauwer R
8131, South Africa, Darvill Sewerage Farm, Robinson D.M
8590, Malawi, Lake shore cottage, Brown Gary; Fiona Brown
8591, Malawi, Lake shore cottage, Brown Gary; Fiona Brown
8799, South Africa, Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide, Darling Desire ; Gregg Darling
9416, Malawi, Forest grassland, Brown Gary; John Alcock
9972, South Africa, Near Letaba camp, Kruger National Park, Pienaar-Oelsen Y
10568, South Africa, Plot 50 Tweefontein, Labuschagne AP
11090, South Africa, Durban Botanic Gardens, Steenkamp Andre
12690, Malawi, Garden, Brown Gary; Fiona Brown
16510, South Africa, Pafuri/ Makuleke Contract park, Walter Jubber
17206, Malawi, Lake shore cottage, Brown Gary
17208, Malawi, Lake shore cottage, Brown Gary
17310, South Africa, Zimanga Game Reserve, Tippett Ryan Matthew
17454, South Africa, Hottentotskloof, Kleiman PR
17788, South Africa, Sappi garden, Oschadleus HD
17798, South Africa, Southport garden, Oschadleus HD
17799, South Africa, Durban Institute of Technology , Oschadleus HD
17800, South Africa, Umhlanga NR (lagoon), Oschadleus HD
17804, Kenya, Hippo Pool, Nairobi National Park, Oschadleus HD
17986, Zambia, Shoebill Camp Bangweulu Swamp, Solomon D
18693, South Africa, Plot 50 Tweefontein, Labuschagne AP
19668, Tanzania, Amani, Boyce J.K.
19711, South Africa, Ntibane Game Ranch, Magudu, Robinson DM
20240, Malawi, Farm Garden, Brown Gary
20347, South Africa, Pretoriuskop Camp, Kruger National Park, Boyce J.K.
20398, Malawi, Garden, Brown Gary
21157, D R Congo, Luapula river camp, de Cauwer R
22373, Malawi, stables on the edge of a forest, Brown Gary
22451, South Africa, Hans Hoheisen Wildlife Station, near House 3, Oschadleus HD
22485, South Africa, Kuleni Game Park, Tippett Ryan Matthew
24471, South Africa, SE of Nelspruit on the "Uitkyk" Rd to the south of the N4 between third crossing of the Tipperary Spruit and Whitethorne. (Bauhinia galpinii site Golora), Peter C
25132, South Africa, St Francis Field, Darling Desire ; Gregg Darling
25645, Zimbabwe, Bvumba - including Seldom Seen, Leopard Rock, Botanic Gardens, Kennedy D.
28278, South Africa, Areas around, de Beer Len ; John Roff and family
28550, Kenya, Sigiria - Karura forest, Cronje Pieter
29449, South Africa, Ellingham Estate, Park Rynie, Steen L.
29624, South Africa, Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge, du Plessis D
30215, Zambia, Maluku reed bed, Oschadleus HD
30479, Swaziland, Mlawula Nature Reserve, bird hide at Siphiso Campsite, Braun K
30735, Malawi, Katete farm, McCracken Santie
31492, South Africa, Fig Tree Restaurant, Tippett Ryan Matthew
33268, South Africa, Umbilo, Fredlund Benjamin
34912, South Africa, Hartford pentad, Kleiman PR
35208, South Africa, Umzumbe, Lorraine estate, forest road, Oschadleus HD
36049, South Africa, JTC Centre, Oschadleus HD
36232, South Africa, Hermannsburg, NTE, Hulme Ilse
36233, South Africa, Tugela Mouth, Hulme Ilse
36639, South Africa, Garden in Shellybeach, Steen L.

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